PC-Streaming.com FAQ's.

1.) I'm living abroad and I miss the BBC, ITV, etc. I'm wondering how your services work to help me be able to view these websites again.

Answer: Our servers replace the ip address issued by your local internet service provider and give you a United Kingdom ip address issued through the PC-Streaming.com network. This is a dedicated network with multiple servers housed in different places throughout the United Kingdom. These servers are placed on high speed networks capable of 1 GB/s. (1 Gigabit per second.)

2.) What type of encryption do you use to keep my data safe?

Answer: PC-Streaming.com fully believes in RSA encryption. For those of you that are subscribers of our Secure Shell (SSH) services, we use 768-bit hourly changing encryption protocols. What does this mean? This means that the servers and your computer change the way that they communicate with each other at the top of every hour. This makes your data nearly impossible (nothing is impossible - we still believe in reality) to be tracked, monitored, or decrypted and/or read by any third parties. Subscribers to our OpenVPN service are guaranteed 256-bit encryption and subscribers to our PPTP VPN service have 128-bit encryption, and L2TP VPN subscribers have the most security of all.

3.) If I leave my home country and go on a business trip or vacation can the account I purchased from you guys come along with me?

Answer: Of course. None of our accounts are country restricted. Once you have an account through one of our services it can be used when your traveling, on vacation, or the next town over. All you need is a basic internet connection from a local provider.

4.) What type of ip addresses do you issue? Static or Dynamic?

Answer: We can only offer Static ip addresses at this time.

5.) Do you have an affiliate program?

Answer: No, not yet but plans are currently in the early stages.

6.) What countries are prohibited from using your services?

Answer: Due to massive amounts of fraud, the following countries are prohibited from purchasing our services: Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d' Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Viet Nam, Sudan, Libya, Liberia, & Cameroon. (To be amended as needed.)

7.) I'm using a Mac or Linux computer. Can I still use your services?

Answer: Please refer to the stated compatible operating system on the product page.

8.) I'm completely lost. Can your technicians assist in the setup of my account on my computer?

Answer: Certainly. PC-Streaming.com is a pioneer in providing live remote assistance for their clients for all the products and services we offer. If you find that you cannot complete the setup yourself for any of our services, please email us and request live support. Please determine a time when you have 15-20 minutes to spare and we'll provide you with specific instructions on how to initiate the live support feature. Everything is done live and in front of you while you watch so you can learn how the setup is done properly.

9.) Do you perform outside security consultations for my home or business network?

Answer: Yes. As professional security consultants we can do this either of two ways: we can remotely diagnose your network from any of our control centers and perform the work remotely, or we can setup a telephone consultation and/or send one of our representatives on-site to your location. (On-site visits are reserved for corporate clients only.)

10.) Are group/corporate/reseller/affiliate discounts available for purchases of 50 or more accounts?

Answer: Certainly. We offer our corporate, business, and power resellers some of the best bundled package deals in the privacy, security, and data protection industries. All package deals are assigned on an individual basis based on the needs of the client. We will not sell you something that you do not need.

11.) Can your services protection my email, instant messenger programs, chat sessions, gaming sessions, browsers, and every other feature of my online experience?

Answer: In most cases yes. Your level of protection depends upon what type of service you have from us. As we offer both Secure Shell (SSH) and two different types of Virtual Private Networks (PPTP & L2TP), security levels will vary. It may be necessary to consult with us and ask what we recommend before purchasing an account.

12.) My government, school, or employer restricts certain web activities. Can your services be utilized to bypass this?

Answer: In most cases, yes. In 99% of the cases we have experienced, certain parts of the internet are blocked by corporate firewalls or over-zealous isp or government regulations. We have easy solutions for this that do not require changing any part of your local network and does not require any technical knowledge either. (You may wish to consult with us further on this matter.)

13. I have multiple computers at home, school, or in the work place. If I just wanted to use your services on one computer would that affect any other computer on the same network?

Answer: No. Our services are based on individual computers. When using our services, you must log in each time. Only the computer you are physically using to connect to our server would be affected.

14.) What internet connection type do I need to use your services?

Answer: Our services can support any of the following internet connection types: dial-up, dsl, satellite, cable, T1, T3, OC1 & 3, as well as Fiber Optics. Whether you use a router, hub, switch, a wireless card or hotspot, our services will work for you.

15.) What do you in the event that a client is abusing your services? How do you define 'abuse'?

Answer: Depending upon the severity of the event, we may warn, suspend, or terminate a clients account. We define abuse of our networks through the following guidelines: spam, hacking, attacking another network through our servers (ddos), port scanning, accessing illegal web content, terroristic acts, threats against another person/entity, defrauding, or payment fraud.

16.) When I order a dedicated server through you, is it automatically protected?

Answer: No. When you order a dedicated server through us, we deliver the server according to your specifications. We do not add or subtract anything. In the event that we are unable to deliver your order as requested, we will notify you and provide you with options and its up to you as to how you'd like to proceed. If you would like security services deployed on your server before its delivered, you will have to submit your request in writing (email) and specify exactly what you want. There will be a separate 'hands-on' fee for this service. The fee depends on what you want installed and how long it takes us to perform the work. We are currently able to provide security services for Windows and Linux servers.

17.) Can I register my new domain name through PC-Streaming.com?

Answer: Yes. PC-Streaming.com is a certified sponsoring registrar.

18.) If I choose to purchase your website hosting services what countries can I choose to have my site hosted in?

Answer: We are currently offering cPanel hosting services in the following countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Direct Admin hosting is available in Luxembourg only.

19.) Do you impose bandwidth limits on any of your services?

Answer: There are no bandwidth limits on SSH or VPN accounts. You are free to use those accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as much as you'd like. Website hosting services are bandwidth capped and are decided by the client at the time of purchase.

20.) Your website hosting services are priced higher than normal hosting companies. Why?

Answer: Our website hosting services are priced higher because we offer a lot more than traditional hosting companies. Besides the fact that we offer hosting in multiple countries, we also provide a high degree of privacy. Normal hosting companies let all your personal and private registration information hang in the wind for any passerby to see and use at their own will. This is great for spammers and con artists. We believe in giving back lost privacy and protecting your data and registration information. This is not a cheap service and not for the casual website that does not need protection. If you have or are planning a potentially controversial website, then this is the service for you. (We will not host hate groups, terror groups, hacking groups, ponzi schemes, or illegal warez websites.)