UK Virgin Media VPN Server Update

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Update 21st October 2015


We just wanted to communicate a quick update to what has been happening with the Virgin Media UK server. We have just brought the server back online after a 24 hour downtime period in order to carry out some much needed maintenance.


The purpose of the maintenance was to cure some ongoing issues with drop outs, picture streaming lagging, some general sluggishness and the response time of the server when making its initial connection.


We have now completed this work with the server being partially re-built and fitted with a new network card. We hope this will have solved the aforementioned issues.


Everybody who uses a windows desktop/laptop can still connect through the supplied windows dialler as before, there is no change there.


Those who use a manual set up through the IP address on the likes of a Mac or Android Tablet, there is a slight change to the IP address. Please contact me by replying to this e-mail and I will forward on the updated IP address.


All active UK VPN subscribers have access to the Virgin Media server. I have spoken to some who have access to the OpenVPN Hyper Optic UK server and have forgotten that they also have access to the Virgin Media server. If you have an active UK subscription and can’t find your Virgin Media details, again please contact me by replying to this e-mail and I will forward on your connection details.


For those who’s subscriptions have expired, please note the re-building of the Virgin Media server and also that access to a second Residential OpenVPN server (Hyper Optic) is also available with your subscription.



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