How to Configure OpenVPN for Android

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How to Set Up OpenVPN on your Android Device


Step 1: Go to Google's Play Store and search/download "OpenVPN for Android" (this is a specific app with this exact name). DO NOT use the OpenVPN Connect app.



Step 2: Install this application in full on your Android device.


Step 3: Connect your Android device to your computer and open the file system to the sd card's "Download folder"



Step 4: Using the browser on your computer, go to the OpenVPN server you were assigned and login through its webpage. Make sure you choose "login" and not "connect." Username and Password along with the assigned server can be found on your account details set up e-mail.



Step 5: Once you are logged in, download the "Yourself" (User-locked Profile) and place it on your computer's desktop.


Step 6: Your downloaded profile will be on your desktop now entitled "Client." You are advised to rename this to the city/country of your assigned server to avoid confusion, and if you have multiple openvpn servers it allows you to easily switch between those countries on your mobile device. In the example below we have renamed the certificate and it is still placed on our desktop.



Step 7: Once you have renamed the download, copy and drag it to your "Downloads" folder on your Android device.



Step 8: Now you disconnect the Android device from your computer. 


Step 9: Now, on your Android device, find the "OpenVPN for Android" icon and click to open it.



Step 10: Once its open, click the on screen folder icon. Scroll down the folders list until you see the "Download" folder.



Step 11: Open that folder, touch the name of the OpenVPN profile you put in there, and select the "Select" button. This will automatically import your server profile.



Step 12: Once the above has been completed, enter your username and password and click on save. Username and Password can be found in your account details set up e-mail.



Step 13: Now you can use the OpenVPN server on your Android devices.


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