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Commencing from Saturday July 4, 2015 will begin replacing the older C1 & C2 networks with our newest residential servers provided through Hyper Optic. Hyper Optic is an internet service provider that began operating in 2011 and is the first, and still the only, residential internet service provider to provide residential customers with gigabit in-house internet lines. Our VPN servers will be operating out of west London and will provide our clients with up to 1 gb/s in internet speed.


With the deployment of the new residential Hyper Optic servers, the C1 & C2 servers (and its problems with ITV) will be retired. Virgin Media servers will continue indefinitely for now. As in accordance with past tradition, we will migrate those affected clients over to the new networks. To make sure that we do not miss your account, you are encouraged to send an email to and request the change. Be sure to include your current account information when requesting this change.


Hyper Optic is the OpenVPN certificate based single click set up with no username or password. A set up tutorial can be found on our website here:


For those folks that are asked on ITV for their city and postcode, please remember to use the following information:

City: London
Postcode: EC2V


For those who are not currently active UK subscribers, our UK residential VPN can be purchased from here:


For those that want to know a little bit more about who Hyper Optic is:


** Update: As of July 2017 our United Kingdom provider is now Virgin Media **

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Hyper Optic UK residential VPN now replaced by the excellent Virgin Media.

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